SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE - after years of riding and several training courses taken, we realize this:

"Skilled riders make for better and safer group rides". ~ Andraise

Current Offerings


You just got your license.  Now what?  Are you ready to leave the parking lot and ride on the street with traffic?  Can you handle riding on the highway at a safe pace?  Do you know how to safely ride with others?  This course will teach you how to be a rider, a street rider and a safe street rider.  Many of the things that weren't covered in your certification training.  You learned how to basically control the bike.  We teach you the rest!

When is the NEXT COURSE?When is the NEXT COURSE?

Cold Weather Riding Seminar

We will discuss different types of gear made to keep you toasty warm and riding year round.  We will cover the better, easier and pricier options.  But, we will also show you some very cool inexpensive ways to beat the cold as well.  With all of this cold talk we will probably have some hot beverages available for the chat.  Join us!
(no motorcycle nec.)